Interpreting at Seminars English/German

Are you organising a seminar or a presentation with a speaker who only speaks English? You will need someone who can translate the talk’s content into German or Swiss German accurately and engagingly.

Most people here are familiar with common English vocabulary. If, however, many specialised words are being used, they will not be able to keep up with the presentation. And of course, the longer it lasts, the more tired listeners become and the less they understand. So a translation is doubly worth it – both for the speaker and for the audience.

I sit at the front near the speaker and interpret consecutively, that is, I translate what is being said section by section (from one to three sentences at a time).


Medicine, neuropsychology, meditation research, personal development, Buddhism


Subject to agreement


Rick Hanson

Evening seminar in Zurich, 2014
Audience of 100 attendees
Topics: neuropsychology, meditation research

Barbara Sher

Three two-day seminars in Zurich, 2013, 2014, 2015
Audience of 50 attendees
Topic: motivation psychology

Colin Tipping

Two-day seminar in Zürich, 2014
Audience of 80 attendees
Topic: positive psychology

Jack Kornfield

Two-day seminar in Zürich, 2012
Audience of 80 attendees
Topics: psychology, meditation, Buddhism